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Car Rental Aruba Airport

Tropical Caribbean Beach, Aruba

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Looking For Car Rental Aruba Airport?

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Placed around 15 km north of the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is a small but very beautiful Caribbean island. It is one of the four countries that make the Kingdom of Netherlands, along with Curacao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands. The island of Aruba is 30 km long and is 9 km wide, which leaves the country with a territory of approximately 184 Aruba just like Curacao, is positioned outside the hurricane belt of the Caribbean. The island is flat and is divided into a northeastern side and southwestern side. The southwestern part of the island is a famous holiday destination thanks to its tropical climate and long white sand beaches, its warm waters and crystal clear seas. The northeastern part of the island has a rocky coastline and some rough seas.


Arriving at Aruba Airport

The island of Aruba is served by the Reina Beatrix International Airport, which is positioned on the western part of the island. The country dos not have a national airline anymore, but still it is served by many airline companies including major air carriers from the United States, Colombia, Europe. There are daily connections to Venezuela as well.


Organizing an auto hire with car hire insurance is easy in Aruba. At the airports are to be found airport rental and also airport shuttle services. Unbeatable prices, as well as car rental tips, car rental reviews and car hire insurance are to be found on the website airportcarrental365.


Driving in Aruba

The transport network in Aruba, like the one of the other Caribbean islands, is based on two lane roads. Traffic jams are possible in the capital city of Oranjestad, which is full of tourists. All international road signs are used in Aruba and the international driver permits, as well as foreign driver’s licenses are accepted.


If getting an economy car rental, tourists should know that the speed limit in the urban areas is 40 km/h and out of town it is 80 km/h. In fact, Aruba is among the holiday destinations where booking an auto hire is very easy, so just negotiate an affordable car hire and book ahead. When getting a vehicle rental, always as for car hire insurance. Map is necessary, even if getting lost in Aruba is highly doubtful.


Things To Do & See in Aruba

The island of Aruba is small, but still it offers the holiday makers plenty to do. Some of the sites are concentrated in the capital city Oranjestad, and the others can be seen in the cities Palm Beach, Noord, Santa Cruz, Sint Nicolaas, Savaneta, etc. Among the places worth to be seen are:

  • California Lighthouse – situated on the northernmost tip of the island, offering panoramic views around Aruba.
  • Aruba Ostrich Farm with tours that walk you around the incubator and the ostrich pens. The farm is used for educating people since the Ostrich is a red meat, high in protein and low in fat.
  • Our Lady of Alto Visto Chapel – that is picturesque old chapel on the northern side of the island.
  • Casibari Rock & Ayo Rock Formations – beautiful place for climbing and great views from the top.
  • Natural Bridge at Boca Andicuri – Aruba has 7 Natural Bridges in Aruba. The original (bridge has collapsed in 2005, yet a smaller one right next it is still standing.
  • Natural Pool (Conchi) – it is located on the northern side of the island and can be reached only with ATV or Trail Rated 4×4. Very beautiful pool of water placed in natural rock formation into the ocean and off the shore of Aruba. Ideal for a day trip.

Further to be seen are Aruba Aloe Factory, Boca Catalina and the Antilla Shipwreck, Arikok National Park, The Palm Island and the Guadirkiri Caves, the Butterfly Farm, etc.


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