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Car Hire Aruba

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Often called the ‘Happy Island’, Aruba is located in the Caribbean Ocean, approximately 15 miles from the Venezuela coast in north direction. Along with three other small countries including Curacao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands, they form the Kingdom of Netherlands as we know it. Aruba island has a territory of only 184 sq.m, being 9 km wide and 30 km long. It is placed outside the Caribbean hurricane belt and is offering many activities for people of all spheres of life and ages, which makes it a great place for pleasant holidaying.


Exploring Aruba

The island of Aruba is best to be explored with an auto hire, which is very easy to organize. The advantage rental car options come at great prices and have car hire insurance. Aruba is a flat country with some hills and highest point being Mount Jamanota (188 m). Visually the island is divided into a southwestern side and a northeastern side. The southwestern side is where most of the holiday resorts are concentrated, tempting the travelers with the warm tropical climate, the long and wide sandy beaches, and the clear sea water. The island’s northeastern part is known for its rough sea, dangerous currents and rocky coastline.

The climate in Aruba is characterized with strong sun and almost constant light breeze, pleasant temperatures and occasional rain showers that usually happen at night and last for short periods of time. The temperatures in Aruba island are around 76 and 85 degrees.

The biggest cities of Aruba

Aruba has several settlements and the largest of them – Oranjestad, is its capital. It is the place where most of the local residents live and where the governmental buildings and numerous stores are to be found. In the city of Oranjestad is situated the largest marina on the island. The capital of Aruba is a wonderful place for practicing various water activities such as boat rides and snorkeling, fishing and parasailing, etc. In the city are also organized numerous festivals, joyful carnivals and parades. The most comfortable way to explore Oranjestad city is by getting comfortable rental car at the airport terminal, after making car hire comparison at first place.

The other settlements that travelers love to visit in Aruba include:

  • Noord – which has a relaxing beach and offers interesting ocean activities such as party boats, snorkeling and sailing. In February in the settlement is organized the Children’s Carnival Parade. The place is a challenge to reach, thus driving a holiday car hire should be careful.
  • Palm Beach – great resort, famous for its two-mile long beach and various water sports, piers, restaurants and beach bars, shops and hotels. Palm Beach is situated only 7 miles from the Airport Queen Beatrix and can be reached with the available airport rentals.
  • Savaneta – this settlement used to be the first capital of Aruba. Now it is a historic city by the ocean and travelers need a rental car to get around it. The settlement has lovely beaches, interesting salt ponds and excellent spots to bird watch.
  • Sint Nicolaas – this is a deep water port located at the southeastern end Aruba Island.
  • Padera and Santa Cruz are another two settlements worth seeing.

Another option to explore the area is by getting car hire from the Curacao Airport.

Driving in Aruba

Driving in Aruba is easy and getting an economy car rental is simple to organize. The island has a well-organized transport network with two lane roads and it seldom has traffic jams, which usually happen only in the Oranjestad being the capital city. On the island are used the international road signs and are applied the international driver permits. The speed limit within the settlements is 40 km/h, while outside the settlements it is 80 km/h. No turns on red are allowed and there are some roads open only to buses.

Making car reservation for a holiday in Aruba is easy and straightforward process, which however is advised to be done in advance if the visit will be during the peak holiday season.

Car rental tips for Aruba

The car rental in Aruba can be arranged in advance or at the Queen Beatrix airport terminal. The island of Aruba is small and some tourists might think that car booking is not necessary. Yet, a holiday car hire can make the sightseeing far more pleasant and comfortable. Most of the car rental companies from the US do have offices on the airport of Aruba and its major resorts. The vehicles come with manual and automatic gearbox. There is no tax on the car rentals, yet car rental insurance is required. The vehicle rental rates depend on the season and on the dealer. The price quoted is the price paid and no hidden charges are applied.

Mini Guide of Aruba

Even if the island of Aruba is small, it has some interesting places that are worth visiting. Most of the landmarks are located in the capital city Oranjestad, and even so the other settlements like Santa Cruz, Noord, Palm Beach, Savaneta and Sint Nicolaas have something to offer as well. Interesting places to consider include:
• California Lighthouse – placed at the northernmost tip of the island, revealing panoramic views around Aruba.
• Our Lady of Alto Visto Chapel – an old chapel on the northern side of the island.
• Conchi Natural Pool – wonderful pool placed in natural rock formation into the ocean placed on the northern side of the island.
• Aruba Ostrich Farm – tours at the incubator and the ostrich pens.
• Casibari Rock & Ayo Rock Formations – beautiful place for climbing with far-reaching views from the top.
• Natural Bridge at Boca Andicuri – marvelous natural bridge, one of seven in Aruba.
• Also to be seen are the Antilla Shipwreck, The Palm Island, Boca Catalina, the Butterfly Farm and Guadirkiri Caves.

Did you know?

• Beach attire is acceptable only on the beaches or by the pool.
• Always ask before taking photos of people.
• No jeans are allowed in most of the restaurants.