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Car rental tips

Millions of people rent a car throughout the year, both nationally and internationally. One reason for this is that airport car rental can be incredibly convenient, but many people fail to do their research before hiring a car and end up costing themselves money in the process.

This article is designed to give you 5 quick tips on avoiding these costly errors, in order that you can fully enjoy your vacation without worrying more than you need to about your car rental needs.

Don’t Buy Insurance Unless You Need To

Before purchasing insurance on your rental car, be sure to check your own insurance policy to see if you are covered for driving a rental car in a foreign location. Many drivers forget this principle and pay for insurance when they are already covered by their own private policy. Don’t be one of them.

Also note that many car rental operators may try to ‘pressure’ you into purchasing insurance even if you are already covered. Doing your insurance research beforehand will enable you to firmly decline their offers, safe in the knowledge that you are already fully covered for your visit.

Renting Directly From The Airport

It is highly recommended that you choose a rental car service located away from the airport you will be arriving in, as airports will tend to charge airport surcharges on top of you rental car fee. This will inevitably cost you more money than it would have if you had booked the car beforehand from a non-airport rental car provider.
Another benefit of an off-airport service provider is that you may be eligible for further savings through ordering online, or ordering weeks or months prior to your journey.
Many online providers regularly offer these benefits, and you may find yourself saving a lot of money on your rental car by taking advantage of these discounts.

Failing To Shop Around For Deals

As with any purchase you make, you should definitely get into the habit of shopping around the market for the best available deals and prices among rental car providers.

Many consumers use price-comparison websites to make their decisions on a wide-range of goods and services, and you will find that you are also able to use these sites to compare rental car prices and special offers.

Paying More For GPS

Car rental companies can sometimes charge an extortionate amount of money for a GPS system for you car. While GPS is certainly convenient, always remember that you can print direction, or use a smartphone or tablet to navigate your way through any city in the world if needed.

Some companies may charge over $10 per day for a GPS system to be included in a car rental plan, and over a 14 day standard vacation, this amounts to approximately $140 for something you could be getting for free.

If you would feel more comfortable with using the GPS system, always ensure that it is incorporated into your car rental plan and made clear to you that this is the case, in order toa void any nasty surprises when it comes to paying your invoice.

Returning Your Rental Car Late

Rental car companies tend to charge late deliveries of their cars based on 24 hour periods. While this is not universal, it should be used as a general rule of thumb to calculate any possible charges you may incur.

This is worth remembering, as even if you return your car only 90 minutes later than planned, you will still be charged for the extra 24 hours usage. These surcharges will be fully indicated on your plan and will give you no legal route to negotiation.